• Berean Baptist Renovation
  • Berean Baptist Renovation

Berean Baptist Renovation

Generous donations paved the way for the Berean Baptist renovation to the Northwest section of the church. The main objective was “To create a space that will better serve new members and to encourage appreciation of God’s ‘natural’ creations.”

Church Exterior

PBS was proud to build an addition of a new covered entryway with landscaping that greets guests and protects them from Southwest Florida’s frequent rain showers.


The new floor-plan includes larger ADA accessible bathrooms, a wider hallway for easier access, an expanded nursery and an additional administrative office. The revamped restroom facilities and nursery allows the church to welcome more diverse congregation members. With extensive experience working on churches of all sizes, we were able to work closely with Berean Baptist staff to help them reach their renovation goals while also helping them watch their renovation dollar.

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